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The Mayombero Tarot ---------------------------------------------------- # 1 .
Dedication------------------------------------------------------ -----------# 2.
This Means of Divination ------------------------------------------------- # 4.
For the Reading of the Tarot Cards -------------------------------------- # 5.
The Tarot ------------------------------------------------ ---------------- # - 6.
Thank you------------------------------------------------- --------------- # - 7.
Gratitude----------------------------------------------------------- ----- # - 8.
Introductions of the Letters --------------------------------------------- 9-13.
Signature Trembles Earth Dark Mount ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # - 14-60.
The Mayombero Tarot- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 61.
Since History repeats itself ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # 62.


Instruction how to read these tarot cards.
First these letters must be read by a gangulero, spiritualist, meta physician or santero. None of this signature can be extracted for any ceremony. Nor can they be reproduced without the authorization of the author; Misleidy B. Peñalver, Nsila Tronca Ňanga. Mr. entong kongo, is my teacher, my friend, my great father, and he intellectual collaborator of reading this means of divination of the Mayombero Tarot, and as I trust him above nganga, I enjoy a great faculty in this religion. I asked her permission to write this different means of divination to those we are used to seeing.
Since my father's knowledge is incalculable in this religion. In Africa there are many ancient means of divination, by the old ganguleros of those years, which the Africans took after the Chamalongos, very similar to the game of dominoes, which they called nkenkes, and were made with the skin of trees, according to my account. Father as a historian, who served the Africans as a means of divination. And when they saw the Domino in Cuba, they poked it for that same purpose. Seven tribes arrived from Cuba from different parts of the African continent: Bantu, Carabalí, Real Congo, Musundi, Corama, Congo Luango, and the Congo of Guinea. That is why in Cuba there are many means of divination. What many counselors in Cuba today have left many of these means to the neglect of Africa, that is why many know nothing more than the snail, chamalongos, and the ekueles of the babalawo, and the tarot is one of the oldest means of divination in the hemisphere. What in Cuba there are very few Mayomberos and Santeros who read it, and as many Mayomberos as santeros do not know the reading of this means of divination. I spoke with my father about this matter, and he answered that I would be in favor of this beautiful orientation, since my father is respected by the old Cuban ganguleros of knowledge, my father has supported me in everything both in my study as a medical assistant, as in the religious life, and thanks to him many treatises have been left that were kept as relics. As there are also very few ganguleros and santeros unaware of this means of divination of the nkenke this means of communication was taken by our ancestors, as my father told me, in a city of Africa called Obo, this means can be used by nguellos, mother, father nkisis , and tatas nkizas. Any questions, complaints, criticisms or comments can be directed to the writer, or to the collaborator. I thank God, my parents, who in one way or another trusted me, my sponsor Alberto Espinosa, also knew how to educate me religiously, as I also understand that both my sponsor and




History Has Repeated Vol. II.




Gurufinda------------------------------------------------------# 10-11.

         My witness Cabo Vela----------------------------------------#12-14.


I am not a Critic of the Religions, buta defender----------#15-16.


History do not Change---------------------------------------#17-19.


Agreement to mount a Kidembata------------------------------#20.


I dedicate his edition----------------------------------------------#21.


Treaty to do a tie-----------------------------------------------#22-23.


Agreement of the Mambos-----------------------------------#24-29.


The godparents are like parents------------------------------#30-34.


Nor I am an Unexpectd Gangulero-------------------------# 35-39.


The Treaty, of  Katiyembe-----------------------------------#40-41..


Treaty to Untie a Peson-------------------------------------------#42.


For the Enemies---------------------------------------------------#-43.


To get out a Person from Prison---------------------------------#44.


                                                                                                                                                   To Untie any Work------------------------------------------------#45.


                                                                                                                                                    ToUntie Two Person---------------------------------------------#46.


                                                                                                                                                   To Destroy A Palero------------------------------------------#47-48.


                                                                                                                                                  In Cuba You Never Kind of Problem-----------------------#49-51.


                                                                                                                                                   Bath for Love’ S Good Luck---------------------------------#52-53.


                                                                                                                                                    Treaty Of the Four Nganga-----------------------------------#54-55.


                                                                                                                                                       This person’s that I’ m about to Mention----------------------56.


                                                                                                                                                     Treaty Of The Tambula(Mariaguana)--------------------------#57.


                                                                                                                                                    Tambala for the Gangulero----------------------------------------58.


                                                                                                                                                  Treaty for the Retired Person above Nganga--------------#59-65.


                                                                                                                                                   These Are The Fourteen signature Madre Agua----------#66-79..


                                                                                                                                                  I am Ging to go Ahead Ans Say Something to ireteunfa-#80-82.



                                                                                                                                              History Repeats Again----------------------------------------#83-84.


                                                                                                                                                The Treaties Of Briyumba Cannot be Chand--------------#85-87.


                                                                                                                                                   Treaty Of Centella Ndoki And Zarabanda-------------------#88-96.


                                                                                                                                                  Chistopher Columbus never was who discoverd anything-97-101


                                                                                                                                                     In my visits to Cuba-----------------------------------------#102-104.


                                                                                                                                                    Bath For Love-----------------------------------------------#105-106.


                                                                                                                                                        We are the Responsible of allwing----------------------------#107.


                                                                                                                                                      Firs lon the list are mrs.Eloisa Mosqueda Mothen Nkis----#108.


                                                                                                                                                     Another thing that I want to clear------------------------#109-110.


                                                                                                                                                   For the bad things, the black kuava------------------------#111-116.


                                                                                                                                               Religion Briyumba With Mayombe-------------------117-119.


                                                                                                                                                     When you start to talk of Stick Mayombe----------------#120-121.


                                                                                                                                                   Bath for Love-------------------------------------------------#122-123.


                                                                                                                                                    I’m very easy to be Found----------------------------------------#124.


                                                                                                                                                     Now, I arrived to the Unites State 31 year----------------#125-126.


                                                                                                                                                   All the Talk Sons Of Chango-------------------------------#127-132.


                                                                                                                                                  All the Religions Need Dedication--------------------------133-134.


                                                                                                                                                   That’s why with me no they can go whith thas Story-----135-136.


                                                                                                                                         on how to Corners-------------------------------------137-138.


                                                                                                                                                   Treaty of the in the Laurel in the Stick of Mayombe-----------139.


                                                                                                                                                      Treaty Vititi Congo-------------------------------------------------140.


                                                                                                                                                     The Treaty of Ochanlá----------------------------------------141-142.


                                                                                                                                                    Treaty of bad Ndoki-------------------------------------------143-145.


                                                                                                                                                     About the Autor------------------------------------------------146-147.
















Of the Briyumba with Mayombe Religion


I may not be the best Mayombero of this decade, but I am the most complete one in the History, because I have put all my religious knowledge in the hands of your son in laws.


So that they will learn the true Briyumba without lies or tricks. I don’t care if jealous people criticized my wisdom.


Because a gangulero its not born one, he has to become one, and he is not ungrateful With he’s elders and has shame, and now it is a pleasure to share all my knowledge with you. In my investigations I have found a lot of documents, which were taken as “lost documents” in the “forgotten trunk”, and that is the reason History has repeated again. In all Religions there are rules and logic, and it is the fundamental base of all religions. You also learn by experience, and it’s always been the mother of science.




In my childhood I was always very curious, and I didn’t never pay attention of the old saying, “the curiosity killed the cat”, but there was always someone that was saved, and that was the mouse. Because I always wanted to be like my grandfather, and because of my studies and dedication, I have accomplished my goal, not because of my age, but because of my knowledge and wisdom, those two things are tight hand by hand. Because I wanted to become a man before time and that is the reason that I like to follow all those wise man. I remember well when I was a child, the holy man and holy women, when they wanted to perform a ceremony, they used to go first to the bushes, and talk there gerigonsas. What is the difference between a holy man and a gangulero? When there is a ceremony to be performed, the gangulero goes to the bushes to cut the weeds for the mentioned ceremony, because there are many holy man that they buy there weeds for the ceremonies, without knowing if such weed have been pray to cut them. I never did understand it because I didn’t had a saint made, but now that I am a holy man I read what I pleased. There’s no one that can tell me anything. In my investigations I have discovered many documents that were considered lost in the “forgotten trunk”, and that’s the reason that History have repeated again. In all Religions there are rules and logic, and it is the fundamental base of all religions.




You also learn by experience, and it’s always been the mother of science. In my childhood I was always very curious, and I didn’t never pay attention of the old saying, “the curiosity killed the cat”, but there was always someone that was saved, and that was the mouse, Because I always wanted to be like my grandfather, and because of my studies and dedication, I have accomplished my goal, not because of my age, but because of my knowledge and wisdom, those two things are tight hand by hand. Because I wanted to become a man before time and that is the reason that I like to follow all those wise man. I remember well when I was a child, the holy man and holy women, when they wanted to perform a saint, they used to go first to the bushes, and talk there gerigonsas. What is the difference between a holy man and a gangulero?.


When there is a ceremony to be performed, the gangulero goes to the bushes to cut the weeds for the mentioned ceremony, because there are many holy man that they buy there weed for the ceremonies, without knowing if such weeds have been pray to cut them. I never did understand it because I didn’t had a saint made, but now that I am a holy man I read what I pleased There is an old saying that goes like this: I withdraw my word, but my thought is still the same. But we still have to give a lesson to those stupid godsons, who ever children they are, criollismo of the santeros. Formerly the godparents and the godmothers were visiting the Babalaos. The babalaos were extracting the Guardian angel of there future adopted godson and crowned them saint that said Orula; this was done for many years, which was always a very sacred word.




What nowadays many godparents and godmothers do the opposite, due to the fact that was what Orula said. For example he said that the Guardian angel of this person is Chango, and the godmother or the godfather is son of Ochun.




They change the guardian angel to the person and make him another saint, that come in desire to the godparents not to lose there godson, without importing anything for them. Going on overhead from the sacred word of Orula, can you believe that reader? You think this is the right thing? Then, this person is wretch for the rest of his life, only to probably say, “I have another godson”, but later the problems come for the godson, and his bad situation increases more every day. Then the first thing they will do to him its ifa. Without knowing if orumila will accept him in the great field of respect, what many will do for making money, they will do what they want, and there are not even times the very same orula knows that such person will do ifa, because its not he’s path. They think that performing ifa, all their problems are going to be solved, if they already betrayed the word of Orula from the beginning, how can orumila accept this. Knowing well that they have betrayed the guardian angel of the person, later they believe that doing him ifá remedies the problems, and situation of the godson. That’s why we are were we are, everyone must accept what god has given us, it is not less true than the only real children of orumila are all the sons of melli. But now in this new millennium they make anyone Ifa, without carrying who falls.




That's why I am gangulero and breeze that the wind takes. Since orula send signs of curses to these persons, why? Because these godparents knowing that they were doing things bad from the beginning, and later they want the godson to pay the broken plates, and it happens often here in the U.S.A, because the things that orula said are not done. Because the fact is that here there is a lot of power, but it’s the godson that gets bother, later it is those persons that dump the saints as it has happened in several occasions, and the saints are not guilty of anything, but those godparents who commit these barbarian errors with there godsons, and the fault never appears. Before everything I want to clarify that I am not babalawo, but know of this religion. It does not matter for me how they want to call me, only I say that the truth of the religions, and I even give up what I do not have.


Domingo B.Lage was born in Havana, Cuban.


He started practicing Palo Mayombe Religion more than 40 years ago in Cuba and the United States, better known as Ntuala Kongo. Grandson of Diego Lage Tatandi the Centella Ndoki Kiribamba media noche (El Konguito). Son of Dominga Lage, (Omi Lana), Madre Nkisi de Madre Agua Tumba Loma Vititi Congo.  He has Elewa made 17 years.


Pomona, California. 91767


                                                             Oshe bara

If  You Double Cross Me You Will   Pay



If  You Double Cross Me You Will   Pay


Omo Elegguá---------------------------------------------------1.






Any part of this book -----------------------------------------5.




Question for the Write-----------------------------------10-13.


Dear Pablo ----------------------------------------------------14.


The Functions of the Cures----.-------------------------15-20.


The Paranormal;-------------------------------------------21-24.


The Life of Black African Cat.------25-27.


Changed the life of.godfather the Blessing -----------28-30.


Dear Cat----------------------------------------------------31-33:


Doctor Albert Lie-----------------------------------------34-36.


The Metaphysical-----------------------------------------37-38.


It does not die so that it sees Things now to you -----39-42.


The Good Monk ------------------------------------------43-45.


Or where empezmos -----------------------------------------46.




Luck in a roasted filthy mirror -------------------------51-52.


Asi is all cowardly ---------------------------------------53-55.


Old Ferminita Menéndez--------------------------------56-57.


Desearte Merry Christmas ----------------------------------58.


Hello to all ------------------------------------------------59-60.


Critics and Falsantes--------------------------------------61-62.


The History of Oggún and Ochosí----------------------63-64.


My name is Eladio Moralez Ubandez-----------------65-68,.


Brujito of pacotilla----------------------------------------69-70.


All the Prayers that you want English to Bantu ------71-90. Kuenda TáTito-----------------------91.


I request an excuse----------------------------------------92-94


This is My History --------------------------------------95-101.




Another History of Marokutu and  Kangalanga ---104-105.


The Congo Offical has the truth----------------------106-107.


Good night Entuala;-----------------------------------108-109.




My son watches----------------------------------------113-114.


Farid Briseño.Salamalekum -------------------------115-117.


Saber is To be able Firs-------------------------------------118.


The Mangansones-------------------------------------------119.


Miguel Shango-----------------------------------------120-121.


Attention Reading-------------------------------------122-123.


Idiosingracia, and Own Will-------------------------124-127.


. “Rambo Boricua”------------------------------------128-130.


Advice for Alex --------------------------------------------131.


Belief Fanaticism or Ignorance---------------------------132.


The false alarm of the Hypocrites of California--------133,


Brother. Cat--------------------------------------------------134:


The Ticher----------------------------------------------135-135.


Hello Mr. Lage, Blessing----------------------------------137.




That it passes my Brother.---------------------- Cat-140-141;


History of Jose Ramon Columbus-------------------142-143.


Your answer this here brother------------------------144-145.


Maltha Meza. timelive_coorp@


Answered its question Maltha Meza----------------------147.


History of Aleida--------------------------------------------148.


It answers for Aleida I watch Aleida---------------------149.


Translation;  Michel Cruz----------------------------------150.


Ndula Congo Monikiamboto; Ntuala Kongo.




If  You Double Cross Me You Will   Pay


Of the Briyumba Religion with  Mayombe.




Firstly I want to be thankful to Lutete that aiga given this mission to me of being able to share my knowledge with those honorable people whom still there are in this Country and other parts of the world, and very particular to the Basileros, that many want to know the Briyumba of Cuba, to let know all, that the wood is not a game like many paleros that do not know nor what are doing. Secondly I give thank you very much my parents, who a form or another one trusted my, godfather Trunk Mallow, and to all those old women that they did not waste its time in teaching to me. Today I give thanks to them, who what they taught by far respect to me, I put I know it in its hands. And I always say, I will not be the best Gangulero of the Decade, but most complete of History, because I have done, which many godfathers have not been able to do. To teach to its godsons, and for that same reason I peacefully feel with Lutete, and same me.




Third party thanked for of to him to have fulfilled mother its request, that it queria that wrote a book, and already goes by diesisiete books written. This book that I write nowadays, the gift, wife Zoila Good Sheny with all rights. By having trusting in my, and I feel very been thankful by the understanding, the love that I have to him, and completely am enamored with her, who in fact it must of have known many years before.




I can assure with honesty that has been the only woman who to gotten to shake my heart, sincere, legal, fabulsa woman, who knew to recognize my talent. Without offending nobody, as she is woman are few in this world, to find a woman thus it is necessary to clean the planet first, and to return it to harvest. I speak of my wife Zoila Good Sheny (Eugenia de Alba, the voice and feeling of the ranchera song), artistic name I know that many Santeros goes that is to say this, I already know that many did not wait for that of my knowledge, the reality is mantenersa been silent, because it is that this country we are surrounded by envious, that when you write wants to put doubles sense to him to their writing. But they do not know that Lutete gave everyone what it is deserved, gave this meand austed that it gave him.




I have knowledge that during the years of slavery that a lot of our


ancestors were forced into beliefs a bit turbid. To be more exact Catholicism, due to intelligent persons or because of self interest and or convenience; like the case of Andres Petit, since he was the son of a Spaniard and an African, product of a sexual assault (rape). 
There are a lot of ganguleros that believe what this person did was correct, but during my investigations I have discovered that is all a lie. 
A lot of his religious family members continue the same ignorance, do I make myself clear. Since Mr.Petit during those years he obtain the African religion by purchasing it with the catholic saints.
Supposedly he said, to put a veil over the eyes of the Catholics; so the slaves could work with the beliefs they brought from Africa. As an example; that he put the Christ, so the people in charge would not mistreat the
Africans, which means that it was all a hoax from Andres Petit to make the slaves belief they were Catholics.
The only thing they believed in was in rocks, plants, the river, mountains, cemeteries, the trees, kiriengando and in those cauldrons from the trunks of the trees. I do not understand why a lot of people continue with the same ignorance, when we live in a world of free beliefs and expressions, which is the occultism; that a lot of people live in that lie of the past.
It is that they do not put their brains to work towards reality. Once more I put the cork back on the bottle, why is it that when those ganguleros that have kissed the Christ, do not start to think that when they are working their nganga, they do not notice or perceive the lack of respect they have for that Christ they adore so much. If that man put that in place because of the persecutions of those times; why is it that a lot of his followers still practie it, who are they trying to throw off track, if we live in a free and sovereign country. Look my brothers let's start living in a world or reality. We are not in those remote days to believe in such a savage fabrication, during the investigations the gentleman before mentioned, what he did with our ancestors was to make a profit and to take advantage of them, or is it that a lot of people do not want to see the reality that Petit betrayed Mayombe and stole the gold from the slaves, and after being discovered for his treason; then came up with an unknown branch; like Kimbiza to cross spirit with the dead and saints. 
There are a lot of stories of this legendary liar that leaves us amazed, like he supposedly took a nganga to Rome, this is a lie as well.
When slavery ended in Cuba, since he was from an affluent family from all the gold he tricked the slaves out of; that he traveled to his mother's place of birth named Zambia.
I have tied up loose ends and that is where he came up with the word Sambi, the never in his writings mentioned Lutete Lumbamba and Simbiako Kumba de Lemba Nkita, and that is where the first treaty of the religion were created, Yumba and Mayombe, Marukutu, Kangalanga, Mariata Ponde, Marrufina, Kaitikiembe, was one that inherited Yombe and they were all and are Bantu's. 
He just wanted to start a syncretism, and that is where he came up with all the religious orders of Santo Cristo Buen Viaje.
Now I ask; where was Kimbiza born? Now days even someone with a third grade education can figure out that Mr. Petit was a great traitor to our ancestors. And so the readers know for certain and so they do not misinterpret, the first ones he syncreticed was the Abakuases, and deceived them, because he was Isue de Bakoko, a lot of people have written stories of this man and want to put him on a pedestal, and in reality he betrayed everyone. I have a lot of treated (treaties) of Kimbiza taken from the trunk of forgetfulness, that little by little will start to come out and will show that Kimbiza was born from nothing, because it does not have a father or mother, remember readers, that a son is not born by himself, you have to join a father and mother so the fruit can be born. So you go ahead and meditate on that?
















































Domingo B. Lage,



                    Como dice Oshe Bara, Una lengua callada hace sabia la cabeza.


                   Este signo habla que la lengua es el azote del cuerpo. Laguna mental




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